I want all the readers of this blog to understand why I have chosen to share all of these thoughts with the public. My object is clear. My father was taken from me at the age of 19 in a very unorthodox manner. While sitting at a stoplight at a busy intersection, a school bus went out of control and took his life, along with another man's. This event has propelled me into a spiritual journey that probably doesn't resemble that of most 24 year old men. My father was a VERY wise man and a spiritual man, always thinking of how he could help the less fortunate and cognizant of the amazing miracle that is life. From a very young age I was introduced to as much information as he could expose me to. He was not biased or judgmental in any of his teachings nor did he encourage that behavior. He grew up in a strict Nazarene family. Upon growing older, he had many unanswered questions. Straying from the dogma of his childhood religion, he began exploring the universe from as many angles as he could. Knowledge became his religion and drove him. He was incessantly pursuing ways to better himself and to relate to less fortunate individuals. I'm the luckiest boy in the world to have had him as a father, which is why I never want his life to have been in vain. I believe in his philosophy and I am dedicated to sharpening the essence of it so that I can one day clearly present it to the world. For now, this blog is a collection of previously written reflections, essays and sentiments of mine regarding education, philosophy, religion and the pursuit of self improvement. Please read with an open mind and feel free to post ANY comments... Thank you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dirty Sex

     I'm wondering how many of you clicked on this link because of the title?  I'm guessing a lot more people than normally would have had I titled it something else.  Is this article about dirty sex?  Well, the more I think about it the more maybe it should be if I want people to keep reading.  But maybe I already have your attention.
    By now, some of you have already closed the browser in disgust and in hot pursuit of another juicier article.  For those of you that haven't, well maybe there is a little more to your intellect than superficial soaking. I do not claim to be a scholar, nor really that intelligent.  What I do claim is to be an avid pursuer of passion and objective truth.  Not many people seem to be concerned with the issues that tend to occupy my mind and if I were to base my progress upon the number of people that read my blog, I would have quit a long time ago.  The question still remains, however, of how I get people to listen and see what it is I'm trying to get across?  In the short term, it doesn't really affect anyone.  There is so little one person can do that most just do nothing and are content with the way the world is today.  Yes, I know there are scientists, philosophers and theologians that are at work 24/7 to solve the problems of this world and so it seems a daunting task for a mere college graduate and small business owner to have any impact on society.  The fact still remains that it is an incessant desire of mine to do so.
   When I read articles by Einstein, Thoreau, Emerson, etc. I feel sometimes that so many profound things have been said already about the life in which we live that where is there any place for me to say anything?  For me to even try at times seems ridiculous given the fact that smart people nowadays know so much more than smart people used to know.  If I wanted to say anything profound about medicine and have people listen, I would have to at least parallel the work of doctors sitting in labs for 20 hours a day for years at a time and publish articles about subjects that currently I know nothing about.  If I wanted to say something profound in regards to politics or religion, I would at least need to be a politician or a priest.  It takes a lot to say anything important in this increasingly flat world.  So why do I try to say anything unless I at least have a doctorate?  And their books don't even get read enough.  Why would I attempt to voice out these very personal thoughts in my head?  The answer is I would get them out anyway, but now that its so easy to publish them online, why not?  So read a few of the articles below and know they were written before I even thought about writing this blog.  Is this blog personal? Very.  I wonder whether I should mention my father's death in the blog description because it seems morbid and gives people the wrong idea.  But this blog is not about death- no. On the contrary.  It is about life and how to live it when times get tough, and if you are truly living, then times WILL get tough.  It is about a very ordinary, middle-class man's pursuit for spiritual autonomy and comfort in knowing that the world is in line for a paradigm shift, because it needs one.  All these cliche talks about world peace need to render themselves as more than cliches and come to fruition through the minds of us ordinary people.  The changes that need to take place can't come from the top if people are to trust them; there is too much animosity between the people and government nowadays.
    I feel as if my motives are pure, but my agenda is far from its sharpest delivery.