I want all the readers of this blog to understand why I have chosen to share all of these thoughts with the public. My object is clear. My father was taken from me at the age of 19 in a very unorthodox manner. While sitting at a stoplight at a busy intersection, a school bus went out of control and took his life, along with another man's. This event has propelled me into a spiritual journey that probably doesn't resemble that of most 24 year old men. My father was a VERY wise man and a spiritual man, always thinking of how he could help the less fortunate and cognizant of the amazing miracle that is life. From a very young age I was introduced to as much information as he could expose me to. He was not biased or judgmental in any of his teachings nor did he encourage that behavior. He grew up in a strict Nazarene family. Upon growing older, he had many unanswered questions. Straying from the dogma of his childhood religion, he began exploring the universe from as many angles as he could. Knowledge became his religion and drove him. He was incessantly pursuing ways to better himself and to relate to less fortunate individuals. I'm the luckiest boy in the world to have had him as a father, which is why I never want his life to have been in vain. I believe in his philosophy and I am dedicated to sharpening the essence of it so that I can one day clearly present it to the world. For now, this blog is a collection of previously written reflections, essays and sentiments of mine regarding education, philosophy, religion and the pursuit of self improvement. Please read with an open mind and feel free to post ANY comments... Thank you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a legit convo on God

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I cant fathom one man being "in charge" of all of this
which leads me to think that he may very well be a fictional man created to give people faith in times of struggle
if that's true, then why do i find myself sitting on my porch praying for your mom tonight??
its not one man, he is in all of us and aggregately we are comprised of him, we are his machine to view the world, we are mutually beneficial to each other
i dont understand that
people have needed faith in times of struggle... we wouldn't be here otherwise
if he is in us and we are his machines, why do we pray?
think of the big bang as the explosion of potential energy
as the unconscious universe dreamt, all the molecules coalesced into forms that would eventually create what we are today
prayer is a funny thing, most people look at it as corny, but meditation is the exact same thing
we all must center ourselves at times, detach our physical minds from this physical world and get in touch with the force that has always been
detachment is essential to exude divine qualities... those lovers of sights and sounds that are only bound to material objects are vain, selfish, hardly useful to God becuase he can't learn anything from their experiences... I think that when this universe ends, all the humanly experiences will be gathered by the universal subconscious and be embedded into every molecule so that the next big bang will render a species more capable of creating a heaven on earth.
wow...thats a pretty neat thought if that's what really will happen
so praying is a way of centering one's self?
Hawking's shows and other physicists have proven black holes and the possibility of wormholes, that could very well lead to other universes
yeah i saw that on one of his episodes
so when YOU say you believe in God, you mean you believe that he is embedded in you?
I think prayer is exactly that, some just take it to extremes by imagining a person sitting there listening and making decisions regarding their personal life, which is somewhat narcissitic, I believe Karma is the prevailing force
"when the day is done, what you get is the sum, of what you took out, from what you put in..." 311
Yes, of course, its a duality. I have my own physical mind, and 90% of my brain I can't control where the SUBCONSCIOUS dwells, and that when we dream it is our minds exposed to that force...
So what do you believe happens when you die?
I believe that we don't die and go to Heaven; I believe that the goal for God is to create a world where all the senses operate under the universal laws without any hinderance, therefore creating a Heaven on Earth. The subconscious is eternal and when we die we will return there to ponder, but I don't believe we will have any sensual experiences... that is what this life is for. The best we might be able to do is dream...and as you know a dream is not a very accurate depiction of reality.
I believe we vibrate on a different level... all we are is a mass of vibrations, tiny masses vibrating with such force to create this little bit of mass to encapsulate a tiny piece of God so that he can perceive the world in which he dreamt up
which is why he relies on us, and we on him because without his genius we would be a blob of goo
we come from a blob of goo
without us, all he can do is dream, but through us he can SENSE
and our physical mind naturally senses too, but if we sense too much to block out our subsensual force, we become blind and deaf to the coincidences that this universe can create for us
and prayer is like submitting subconscious requests, but are only impactful if a person's mind is detached
but the universe hears subconscious requests and positive energy has a way of circulating back to the source
in one way or another
by glob of goo I simply mean the primordial balls of gas floating around the universe before gravity set upon them causing them to form, which caused heat and the production of the elements in our body
thats what you meant by karma.
yes, karma... those souls who keep everything for themselves and put nothing back into the universe might gain on the short term, but their lives are in vain for their experiences are not added to the vat of experience that is to be infused into each particle at the next beginning of the universe

how did all this come to you? I feel so ignorant and just walking around deaf and dumb when it comes to my spirituality and purpose in living
thousands of pages of reading and thousands of hours of pondering and steven hawking and Hyperspace books and trying to cope with dad's death...
and just writing my thoughts down all the time so that i knew what i thought
it never just came to me
well u have really valid and realistic thoughts
thank you very much and i'm very flattered you are showing this much interest
this stuff with your mom has me a mess
there has to be a fine line between reality, spirituality, science, and faith
i agree
you can't count any one out completely
those who don't integrate scientific findings into antiquity are doing their religion an injustice
s***** keeps checking in with me making sure we dont need anything...bc of whats going on with your mom
she said, it's in God's hands now...thats what made me start thinking
she is doing fine now, got to sleep after some pills and is sustaining good oxygen levels, she just needs to keep hold of her anxiety
people who say its in Gods hands are most of the time too quick to give that as an answer, in some ways they are right, but in some ways they are wrong. no one is cutting strings in her life, like the greek gods. its simple to me. the extreme forces and disasterous occurences that created this world in the first place and are why we are here are still at work and there is nothing we can do but enjoy the time we have
it took billions and billions of explosions between matter and antimatter in the beginning, and only a little matter was leftover in the end which is what we are made of. my mom will be fine this time, but she has to be more careful
we should talk about this stuff more often. i need put more thought into this. and i think figuring this out will help me cope with a lot of things...including death
i agree, and it has helped me indefinitely... my temperment, my ability to cope with things, i just think it has made me more easy going and less apt to get worked up over little things
"more easy going and less apt to get worked up over little things" i dont have a problem with that
cuz all things really are infintessimily small in the scope of creation
marcus aurelius has taught me a lot about the vanity of seeking fame and how all lives are but an echo in all mankind's time... let alone the petty daily occurrences

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