I want all the readers of this blog to understand why I have chosen to share all of these thoughts with the public. My object is clear. My father was taken from me at the age of 19 in a very unorthodox manner. While sitting at a stoplight at a busy intersection, a school bus went out of control and took his life, along with another man's. This event has propelled me into a spiritual journey that probably doesn't resemble that of most 24 year old men. My father was a VERY wise man and a spiritual man, always thinking of how he could help the less fortunate and cognizant of the amazing miracle that is life. From a very young age I was introduced to as much information as he could expose me to. He was not biased or judgmental in any of his teachings nor did he encourage that behavior. He grew up in a strict Nazarene family. Upon growing older, he had many unanswered questions. Straying from the dogma of his childhood religion, he began exploring the universe from as many angles as he could. Knowledge became his religion and drove him. He was incessantly pursuing ways to better himself and to relate to less fortunate individuals. I'm the luckiest boy in the world to have had him as a father, which is why I never want his life to have been in vain. I believe in his philosophy and I am dedicated to sharpening the essence of it so that I can one day clearly present it to the world. For now, this blog is a collection of previously written reflections, essays and sentiments of mine regarding education, philosophy, religion and the pursuit of self improvement. Please read with an open mind and feel free to post ANY comments... Thank you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reflection after Reading "Self-Reliance" by RWE

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Men are forms of universal soul.  We came from the same origin.  Our senses allow us to experience the world but cause us to forget that who and what we sense are all part of the same universal soul- ONE.

We materialized out of matter so that the supreme being could have sensual experiences through us, for without physical, rational being, sensation would be mere speculations of reality as in dreams.  Very rarely do dreams accurately represent true sensations, logic, or the laws of nature.  Therefore, that the ETERNAL not exist in a constant state of lucid dreams, ceasing to exist in any corporeal sense, our sensually equipped bodies were dreamt up, creating a chain reaction amongst the omnipresent matter lingering in the universe since the time of the initial spark of creation.

Randomly for millions of years of trial and error, amino acids collided until the right combination created the basic building blocks of life as we know it, and God kept dreaming until eventually a being emerged that was able to comprehend the slightest presence of Himself.  At that moment, God's greatest achievement and most arduous task intersected.  He was now able to sense the physical world he created, but the mind of the being that harnessed that power was so complex that it had the ability to act on its own accord.  It soon forgot where it came from and that others of its species were of the same origin.

We are born with no recollection of this process of life.  We ought not forget that a supreme being lie in repose at our core, however, and is the link between our self and the rest of mankind.  This power within provides insight to the just and virtuous, that if perceived with a pure mind-one accustomed to moderation of the immense sensual possibilities in our world-may lead us to maximize our potential as human beings by serving both ourselves and others.  For it is the ultimate goal that we exist in blissful sensation, simultaneously able to moderate our desires enough so that god may shine through us and we may recognize ourselves in others.

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