I want all the readers of this blog to understand why I have chosen to share all of these thoughts with the public. My object is clear. My father was taken from me at the age of 19 in a very unorthodox manner. While sitting at a stoplight at a busy intersection, a school bus went out of control and took his life, along with another man's. This event has propelled me into a spiritual journey that probably doesn't resemble that of most 24 year old men. My father was a VERY wise man and a spiritual man, always thinking of how he could help the less fortunate and cognizant of the amazing miracle that is life. From a very young age I was introduced to as much information as he could expose me to. He was not biased or judgmental in any of his teachings nor did he encourage that behavior. He grew up in a strict Nazarene family. Upon growing older, he had many unanswered questions. Straying from the dogma of his childhood religion, he began exploring the universe from as many angles as he could. Knowledge became his religion and drove him. He was incessantly pursuing ways to better himself and to relate to less fortunate individuals. I'm the luckiest boy in the world to have had him as a father, which is why I never want his life to have been in vain. I believe in his philosophy and I am dedicated to sharpening the essence of it so that I can one day clearly present it to the world. For now, this blog is a collection of previously written reflections, essays and sentiments of mine regarding education, philosophy, religion and the pursuit of self improvement. Please read with an open mind and feel free to post ANY comments... Thank you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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This term is one I coined that represents the study of physics, philosophy, science and theology...

Writers such as Emerson, Marcus Aurelius, Jesus, Plato and Socrates are philosophical geniuses.  They were able to analyze the characteristics of human life and offer tremendous insight into the ultimate nature of the universe, but did so without the information that is now available in regards to our universe provided by modern day scientists.  This is remarkable, because in my experiences with astrology and modern-day physics, I have been overwhelmed and placed in awe when confronted with the testable, provable and empirical data regarding the creation of the universe.  It is a religious experience to contemplate the properties of a black hole as offered by Hawking, or the theory of relativity as offered by Einstein; it truly brings me to emotional heights to logically pontificate string theory and subatomic theory.  Although string theory is not fully testable, it is based off of the laws of nature.  That I believe it is possible to vibrate at different levels upon death rather than solely adhering to doctrine that states I must be saved by a specific one, not only frees my mind and allows for a broader scope of life to be observed, but it does not imply that anyone else's beliefs are inferior and that they will go to hell because of them.

It also parallels modern-day science and antiquates ancient theories and fables by using the most up to date information.  In what other areas in life, for any life form, do we not seek the most current information?  Animals could not have proliferated in the manner they have by means of evolution, had they trusted what USED to be accepted as common knowledge.  The animals that just "trusted" everything and had "faith" that life would work out all right didn't last very long.   Economically, animalistically, philosophically, scientifically-  in no area pertinent to life is it acceptable to just accept information as is, especially if the greatest minds on Earth have conceived or offered better solutions.  So why would we do this with our religion?  A time must come when the majority of the people realize we cannot take ancient texts as literal.  Currently, as more scientific data is discovered, followers of certain dogmas find ways to metaphorically explain scientific findings, but this will not be able to happen forever... especially if we ever come into contact with extra terrestrials.

This brings me to my most current deduction: that physics and philosophy together can provide one with an innocuous religion capable of propelling one to maximize his human potential.  Truth and knowledge is what we should seek; THAT should be our religion.  Religion exists to give us meaning to life, but what good does it do if it alienates other groups and makes no room for visitors from other perspectives of the world to join?  One would be able to enjoy the fruits of nature and experience sensual gratification without having to forbid them , (as many religions do for fear of abuse), and be able to serve our holy conscience by finding and living our true destiny.  A mind invaded by sensual stimulation is a mind unable to interpret the fabricated coincidences of the universe intended to subliminally guide us, but one that is banned from testing the fruits of nature mutates and is skewed equally the same.  God put us here so that a being existed that could contemplate the beauty of the world in which he created and that could sense the wonders of the world.  Moderation is the key, however, and teaching moderation to our youth in all areas would lead to so much societal good.  Banning religious studies in public school is an atrocity; let's ban dogmatic preaching, not objective, moderate exposure to the world's greatest minds.  Physiolosophy.      

That the great philosophers could imagine a greater power that resides in every particle in the universe without having accessible to them the knowledge I currently do regarding atoms, nuclear energy, black holes, ten-dimensional theory, etc. is testament that a mind in tune with nature is a mind connected to the whole. Please Read "The Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius. In some ways it is like my Bible.  These other modern studies simply reinforce the philosophical inquiries of our intellectual brethren.  The universal soul found a way to shine through these men, as it did Jesus and the other messiahs of religions, so that the populace could experience even a glimpse of THEMSELVES, which hardly any of us ever get.  Because what is truly our self lies at our core; what is truly our self lies at every man's core and is not divisible ; what is truly our self requires none of the senses to detect.  God created heaven when he created Earth and though we should not experience heaven in the traditional SENSE, we had better find a way to enjoy this life we have and make IT our heaven- for it is the only plane on which God can sense his wondrous creations and we are the machines of his sensation.  But as his machines, we must moderate our faith and focus it on a narrow line that allows us to enjoy sensations, without feeling guilty, while simultaneously being able to detect HIS ubiquitous presence so that he may direct us towards our truest path, without the alienation of others.
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  1. "let's ban dogmatic preaching, not objective, moderate exposure to the world's greatest minds"- I love this.

    It seems silly that we wouldn't want to expose our children to the work of ACTUAL people that walked the world like the rest of us. Yet we only want them to believe and hear stories of a human parting the seas or giving vision to a blind man.

    I would love to see the creation of a school which taught equally all religions as well as philosophy. One which focused on equipping our children with as much knowledge as possible to allow them the choice to decide their beliefs...may create more acceptance and tolerance of others.